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Hard Money Financing

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Fast and flexible hard money / private lending solutions for investment real estate transactions nationwide.  If you are a borrower with a property flip, rehab, construction project, commercial deal, cash-out refinance, or bankruptcy/foreclosure bailout, complete the form below.


In some cases, a lender may lend to borrowers with income or credit issues, may provide up to 100% acquisition and construction costs.


Some features of Hard Money are:


  • Loans from $50k up to $2 million

  • Financing Foreclosures, Bank REO properties and Short-Sales (case by case)

  • Up to 85% LTV based on Purchase Price or ARV

  • Residential & Commercial Properties Are Acceptable

  • Interest Only / No Payment Loans are available (case-by-case)

  • Cash-Out Refinance for land or structures are possible (case-by-case)

  • Must be for Business or Investment Purposes Only - NO primary residences

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